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 칼슘/ 마그네슘/ 미네랄
 약초/ 허브 추출물
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 그린 수퍼푸드 Green Super Food
 버섯류 /마이다케 / AHCC
 오메가3 / DHA / 피시오일
 COQ10/ 코엔자임Q10/ 유비퀴놀
 대사효소/Metabolic Enzyme
 소화효소 Digest Enzyme
 유산균/ 장유익균/ 프로바이오틱스
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 콜레스테롤/심혈관 /성인병
 당뇨 / 혈당
 관절염/ 연골재생/퇴행성
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   > 올이레이스 효소 / Allerase 60 vc EzM >
: 올이레이스 효소 / Allerase 60 vc EzM
상품이름 : 올이레이스 효소 / Allerase 60 vc EzM  
사용용도 : 알러지, 알레르기 제거
포장용량: 60 캡슐
제조회사 : EnzyMedica
정상가격 : $25.99  (25%off)
할인가격 : $19.49 (23,400원)
적립금 : 249P
히스타민 분해효소
개수선택 :

주요성분 : 아밀라제 등 복합효소
이용방법 : 1일 2~3회, 공복에 1캡슐 씩 섭취
주의사항 :
  * 건조하고 어두운 실내 보관
* 고혈당,당뇨 치료를 받고 계신분은 적합치 않습니다.
* 어린이 손길을 피하여 보관 요
제품설명 :

엔지메디카 올 이레이스 / Allerase 60

Vegan & Kosher 베지테리안

섭취방법 :

1일 2~3회, 1회 1캡슐씩 공복에 섭취 ( 식사후 2시간 또는 식사 30분 이전)

성분내용 및 함량 / 1 캡슐당

Allerase: Nutritional Information

본제품에 충진제는 사용되지 않았습니다.
This product contain(s) no fillers.

Enzymedica Allerase?/span>
Allerase was formulated to be taken on an empty stomach for relief of symptoms often associated with pollen and dander sensitivities. It contains the highest amount of Thera-Blend Amylase.

Allerase?/span> Recommended Usage
Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach 2 to 3 times per day
(30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal). More may be taken if necessary.

Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

미국 엔지메디카 ( Enzymedica 엔자이메디카) 사는 효소만을 전문으로 연구 생산하는
유명제조사 이며,
타회사 의 동물추출효소 제품과 달리 생식물 소화효소 제품 ( Plant Based Enzyme) 이며

또한 (Thera Bland) 라는 엔지메디카 사의 품질은 음식물 을 타제품보다 3배 더욱 잘게
분해 시켜 주는 고급 소화효소제 입니다

Contraindications: Allerase is not recommended for diabetics who are medicated.
The amount of Amylase can elevate blood sugars.
Digest is a more balancing formula for these individuals.
Diabetics who are able to control their symptoms through diet (type II) will be fine on Allerase.

Allerase can be taken between meals for therapeutic effect to support those individuals who suspect they are amylase deficient.
Common symptoms include but are not limited to sinus congestion, itchy watery eyes, fatigue, blood sugar imbalance or frequent headaches.

In many cases allergens such as pollen, cigarette smoke, pet dander and other histamine inducing substances cause an immune system response, i.e. the creation of histamine. Histamine production is a reaction by the body to a perceived pathogen with the symptoms of watery, itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing etc in an effort to expel said pathogen. Amylase taken therapeutically on an empty stomach may relieve a person of such symptoms.

Sugar Imbalance, Sugar Intolerance:
Fatigue, anxiety and headaches are all byproducts of the body뭩 inability to utilize the amount of sugar being consumed. The enzyme amylase works well in breaking down sugar into usable forms. Allerase when taken therapeutically can help an individual control sugar cravings by raising blood sugar levels.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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